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I can’t quite believe I’m doing this and I’m really not sure why I’m doing it either. A VERY large part of the reason can be attributed to PastaQueen and Dietgirl and how much I am addicted to their blogs! I guess I thought just maybe I can do it too…. I’m not for a minute suggesting I could ever be anywhere near as entertaining or witty etc as them. I think I just want to see for myself if I have something to say – something even a teeny bit worth while or interesting. Or just something that someone else out there relates to.

Hmmm….. groundbreaking stuff eh – I don’t think so.

It’s probably obvious, given the two blogs mentioned above, that I am trying to lose weight. I’m not alone in that respect but it’s still a very lonely place to be.
Ha ha, I just remembered what my blog address is – duh. It was probably obvious from that where this is all going. Yes – I am mad around food. I have at this stage come to realise that I’m an emotional eater – out of boredom, happiness, sadness, stress, procrastination, guilt, as a reward and on and on…… I know what the right foods are, what I should be doing but I don’t do it! Sometimes I do but many, many, many times I don’t.

Now I don’t have a huge amount to lose compared to others – I know that. If I could get about 33lbs off and maintain that, I would be very, very happy. The maintain bit needs to be stressed because over the last about 10 years I have lost and put up those 30 odd lbs countless times and it just has to stop. I am at my heaviest ever now and damn it I’m not happy.

I also feel guilty talking about it. I feel because I don’t have as much to lose compared to others I don’t deserve to go on about it and say how hard it is. I feel like people would say “huh, is that all you need to lose. What’s the big deal?”. But it is a big deal for me and it’s bloody hard too!

I’m ranting now so I think I’ll shut up.

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