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On my hols so this will have to be quick! I’ve stuck to my couch to 5k training even while on hols so if I’m very honest I’m terribly proud of myself! I’ve also been fairly sensible when it comes to food too. I´m not saying I’ve been perfect but normally on hols I lose the plot entirely. So far this time I think I’ve almost been better than I am at home… almost 🙂

Whatever the results of my week away are on the scales inside I will know that I’m not the same person as I used to be – not right now anyway. I’m calmer and basically just not worrying about food as much. It could be that my hormones are just behaving themselves but whatever it is I’ll run with it.

Here’s to me.


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More madness!

Almost forgot I’m also pondering the idea of trying the 100 push ups challenge which was mentioned on Dietgirls blog and some others. I must be losing it!

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I had my official weigh in today. I wasn’t going to go but I did because (and this must be a good sign) I felt I wanted to be able to enter an official result here. I was pretty certain I would be up. Plus I’m away next week and there’s no way in hell I won’t put up something while away so I thought no point missing two weigh-ins, being up half a stone when I do eventually weigh-in and all the psychological crap that goes with that.

As I expected I was up. 2 nasty lbs. Down 2 last week, up 2 this week. What a good yo yo I am! No point making excuses though I ate like a fool at the weekend as well as at times during the week and my exercised suffered because of my sore shins. One thing I do know about myself is that if I eat badly I better exercise like hell if I want to maintain never mind lose.

I know I just said there was no point making excuses but I am having some, am how shall I put it, digestion issues. I’m either completely blocked up (sorry for that image!) or I’m the complete opposite with awful cramps and many high speed dashes to the loo! The first seems to occur when I eat bread and potatoes. The latter seems to happen when I don’t. It could be that my body is trying to tell me that there is a middle ground and I should be eating bread as well as potatoes in moderation all the time instead of none for most weekdays and then a major break out. However if I could eat those things in moderation I wouldn’t be here discussing my toilet habits now would I.

That aside I hope to give the couch to 5k training another go tomorrow and I can still get week 2 done if my shins don’t go on strike again. I also hope to do the training on holidays and who knows maybe for once I can maintain my weight while away! Anything’s possible right?

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A nice thought!

When my quote of the day arrived in my inbox this morning I read it and thought, that has to go on the blog and my fridge! I think it describes well how to aim for success at weight loss, getting fit and being healthy, plus lots of other things too! Small, achievable steps and goals are a key part.

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves.”

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…. I’d just over eat during the week!!

So from the title it’s probably obvious that my eating this weekend did not go so well. I positively over-dosed on crappy white sliced bread and on pure junk. Then to top this disaster off on Sunday a box of my fave chocs was bought for us as a present and they have been pretty much singing to me like the greek Sirens. I haven’t eaten them all yet but feel like doing exactly that just to get rid of the damn things out of the house!!!!

I’m on week two of my couch to 5k interval training and shin splints have reared their ugly head. I’m determined to try to struggle on although I know that might not be the best plan. Anyone that has any advice in that area let me know.

Today in general I just want to give in and eat everything I want and just damn this weight loss lark to hell. Deep breath. Tomorrow has to be better, can’t get much worse.

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What to write.

My last post was too short. I find it hard to know what to write sometimes. I suppose I don’t think I have anything very interesting to say especially when I read all the other great stuff that’s out there. I know thinking that way shows a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem which most definitely is an issue for me.

I possibly find it hard to write enough because I want to keep this blog as anonymous as possible. I guess I just wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to my work-mates, family and friends in this way and about this subject. I think the main point is that this whole thing/adventure/experiment is for me. It’s something I’m doing for myself to help myself. In this area I come first. I don’t want people that know me, that have a certain view point on the person they see me as, being involved or aware of this. As a result I’m wary of going into too much detail about me or my life in case it identifies me. It’s something I’m going to have to work on. I’m sure it’s highly unlikely that any of them would find this blog but I still don’t want to take any chances.

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Woo hoo.

2lbs down at my weigh in this week and I’m very happy. I was fairly sure I’d be down. I had a pretty good week in terms of food and exercise. Here’s hoping I can do the same next week! I’m feeling positive about it too 🙂

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