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I am down 2.8 lbs this week so my personal training adventure is obviously having an impact on me. I’ve had no chocolate this week so far and have generally tried to be sensible about my food. I have done all my usual exercise classes plus the extra hour of training and I also plan to go to the gym tomorrow which I haven’t done in quite a while. I’m slightly worried abut the weekend as I will basically be having two meals not in my own house, one in a restaurant and one with relations. It’s always hard to plan for. There will be alcohol involved too! These things happen however, that’s life. I can’t get too stressed about it and I can’t use it as a excuse to go nuts either… moderation, moderation, moderation. I’m hoping the thought of next weeks appointment with my personal trainer will help me to be sensible and not over-indulge too much.

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Wednesday already!?!

Where does the time go…. ? I’m sure I’ll wake up 20 years from now and wonder what happened?

Right now I’m sore and exhausted from exercise and also because I went to bed too late last night, a mistake I don’t intend to make again tonight! I really cannot function properly without a decent amount of sleep. I don’t know if it’s just a mental block or what but lack of sleep seems to make everything crappy as well as making me more emotional and stressed than usual. How on earth do parents survive?!?!?

I’m also struggling to think of anything to write now and my participation on other blogs has been very poor lately. I can feel things start to pile up on me and I need to regain control. One step at a time and the first one is to get a good nights sleep every night for the rest of the week.


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I had my first personal training session today and it went well. I was delighted to be told that I have a good level of fitness. I already feel more focused and motivated though it is only day 1 ! Steady girl!

I will only be meeting my trainer once a week. He feels with my current level of exercise that I can implement the routine he is giving me fairly well on my own. He will be giving me a diet plan next week. It will be very interesting to see what that’s like. I’m sure it will be a common sense approach that I already know but having been measured etc today, being guided through the exercises, shown how to do it right and having some one doing that weekly will give me a lot of accountability which is so important.

He feels that my body has basically got used to the exercise I’m doing at this point but that I’m getting away with eating more of the things I should stay away from because of the exercise. The plan is to work on certain areas with weights, work on my core and incorporate some interval cardio as well. So fingers crossed that this might be what I finally need to shift those extra pounds and tone up! I know it will require effort and hard-work on my part but I’m feeling positive about it and that’s half the battle!

I’m still going to blog of course even if it’s just me reading 🙂 The more accountability the better!!!

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Queen of maintenance ?

This week I weighed in pretty much the same again. Well I was up .2 of a lb. These are my range of weights on a weekly basis since 9th Jan.

198.8 lbs
196.2 lbs
199 lbs
197.6 lbs
198.4 lbs
198.4 lbs
198.6 lbs

So I reckon at least I’m good at the maintaining part right?! I know I go up and down a little but that’s how our bodies work, many factors affect our weight.

I’m currently looking into the option of a personal trainer to see if I can get some personal advice and insight into how I can more effectively lose weight and/or tone up/build more muscle. I honestly don’t mind what the number is if I can fit into my clothes better you know. I think that a personal trainer will/should motivate me more and also give me more focus. Plus they may be able to identify where I’m going wrong. I know part of it is eating too much but I do exercise a good bit and it can be disheartening not to see results.

For now I guess I’m happy that I am holding my own and not gaining.

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Deserved desserts ?!

My week was progressing nicely until I faltered and had dessert today after my lunch. Having dessert is not a sin of course, I know this. I was eating out in the first place so my lunch could have been healthier though it could have been much worse too. If I had left it at that it would have been fine but I decided I “deserved” dessert. When I fancy a treat I basically enable myself by telling myself that I deserve it! For what I do not know, the thought process doesn’t stretch that far strangely enough as it would fail if it did! The dessert portion I got was much too big but I did leave some… not much but some. Afterwards I still felt much too full. It was a nice enough dessert but really it wasn’t worth it at all. On top of that I feel annoyed with myself for letting it happen. I’m not going to dwell on it but I needed to get it out of my system at the same time.

I got a good walk in this evening which I’m glad about. Right now however I’m feeling very stressed about lots of things in my life that need my attention but which I feel un-equipped to deal with. I think an early night might help.

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Balancing Act

So I’m trying to trying to focus less on losing weight and more on eating healthily, exercising and developing a healthy mental attitude to myself. I’m making small changes the key. Eventually I hope they will all build up and create the changes that are right for me.

I’ve come to realise (if not quite accept) that the hardest part of all of this is finding the time or rather appropriately assigning the correct chunks of time to various activities. I find personally that when I really concentrate on one thing then something else suffers. I guess we just have to make sacrifices based on what’s most important to us but then that’s a minefield !!! Is preparing healthy lunches for myself for the week more important than spending time relaxing with my husband? Why does it need to be one or the other I hear you ask. It doesn’t I guess but for me something has to give. I can’t fit it all in. Exercising, cleaning, studying, working, blogging, preparing/organising healthy meals & snacks, growing/nurturing my relationships with husband/family/friends etc, etc, etc….
I know I do most of it. I know it sounds more overwhelming than it really is and I’m not supposed to be worrying about the bigger picture but still… is it really possible to do it all and do it well ??

Ok moan over… apologies 🙂

Today has been a good day. I stuck to my goals: I ate healthily, I exercised and I listened to my self-development cd.
Go me.

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Organising for success

I’m in good form this Sunday evening…. I have some home-made soup brewing on the stove and this will form part of my healthy lunches for the week. I feel organised for the week ahead and because of this I feel quite positive right now about lots of things. My expectations are still realistic though. I’m not going to worry about weight loss this week. I’m just going to focus on being healthy through food, exercise and mind.

Cross your fingers and toes for me !!!! 🙂

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Weekly weigh-in

Another week gone and I weighed in exactly the same as last time – exactly. A bit odd but what’s new! I’m considering that I may need to just accept that around about where I am now might be the weight my body is happy at. My body and I never did agree much. 🙂

Of course it all comes back to the fact that I need to learn to be happy with me as I am, whatever the number on the scales. I know this, I do! It’s very, very, very hard though. Very.

I haven’t got much else to say today or this week. My head hurts and trying to think of something to write doesn’t help.

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I seem to have regained my composure after last weeks little meltdown. I’m back on track but in a sensible, taking life as it comes kinda way if you know what I mean. I’ve made a deal with myself based on a radio ad I’ve heard a few times lately. The ad is for Weight Watchers or something similar and basically consists of some guy giving motivational tips.

The gist of the ad is this: A failing company is taken over and an expert is brought in to see how the company can be made succeed. He spends days looking at how the company and all its departments works. Finally he comes back and says that the company can be saved but that no single department needs to be changed or improved 100%. He says what needs to happen is that every department/area needs to change by just 1% and that will be enough to make the company succeed. This of course also applies to life and weight loss.

So I’m going to try to change each area of my life by just 1%. I’m going to try to forget about the bigger picture, stop trying to fix everything at once and just focus on smaller tasks. I know I’ve heard and see this before but sometimes it helps to hear it put a different way.

So my 1% change in the area of over-eating is to not have any food at my morning and evening breaks at work. If I am hungry I can get something that I have brought to work with me… something healthy. Two days in and I have stuck to this. I haven’t been worrying about the rest of my eating except to try to eat sensibly and to cut back on white bread and potatoes.

Anyway that’s pretty much where I am this week… I’m living. 🙂

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I gave in big time last night and a bit today too. I’m just overwhelmed with feelings of “what’s the point” and “I might as well just enjoy myself”. Of course I know full well what the point is but I guess sometimes you need to just let go in order to start anew. I haven’t started anew just yet but I know I will. A few off days are to be expected every now and again. I just gotta learn to deal with them better. Practice makes perfect and all that.

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