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Weekly weigh-in

It’s my personal weekly weigh-in as opposed to my personal training weigh-in !! This is a bit confusing even for me but I want to keep my weight loss/gain record here based on my own weekly visit to the scales, the same way I started out.

I’m actually a day late with it too! Anyway it seems I am down 2 lbs! I’m delighted with that and I have now hit my lowest weight since starting the blog so yay for me! I have to say that my eating this week has been excellent. My trainer has me doing a detox week. Basically no tea, coffee, alcohol, bread, pasta, rice (or rubbish of course). I think I have had the “cleanest” eating week of my life. The most processed things that I’ve eaten are low fat natural yoghurt, unsweetened peanut butter and low fat cheddar cheese!
I thought I’d have gone insane with cravings by now but for some reason I’m pretty ok. I’m finding it hard to describe how I feel to be honest. I think I’m feeling how a person that doesn’t obsess about food feels. It’s just something to eat when I’m hungry. In a way I guess for me that leaves a void because much of my thinking revolves around food. It’s just plain odd.

My exercise has been great this week too so here’s to keeping up the good work and knocking off those extra pounds. I’m getting very close to having 10lbs lost and I’m looking forward to it very much indeed!

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Quick catch up!

I’ve been a very bad blogger this past week but I’ve had an excuse. I was away for a few days with the hubby, a few lovely, lovely days. I missed my personal weekly weigh-in but this morning’s weigh-in at training showed neither a loss nor a gain. I’m quite happy with this as I did eat lots over my few days away that would not be considered health food! I did however try to eat in moderation as well as stop when full and it seems to have worked. I’m aiming for a definite loss this week and as it’s Monday I’m positive that I can achieve it 🙂

I’ve also come to a decision about that stupid “big project” looming on the horizon. I’ve got about 5 weeks to go and I still haven’t very much done so I need to just throw myself into it and be done with it. Unfortunately knowing myself fairly well that means other things will have to suffer. I need to totally focus on this project and my training/eating well program. Everything else will just have to wait for a few weeks because it’s too easy for me to succumb to distractions. So the house is gonna start to look very messy and my blogging is probably going to be sparse but I will endeavour to post some regular if short updates….

Wish me luck !!!!!

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The idea of going down the personal training route entered my head a few months back. The person I had in mind to do it was my kick-boxing class instructor. I suggested it to her and while she didn’t say no she didn’t seem to be overly enthusiastic about it either. I didn’t get the right vibes from her I guess so I forgot about it until my husband suggested paying for some personal training sessions for me for my birthday. I’m sure some women might take that as an insult but he knows how I struggle with food and how much effort I had been putting in to my exercise without seeing the desired results. Someone that works with him recommended a trainer that she had used and that other people she knew had used. So I decided to go for one session at least and see how it was.

I’m not sure what my expectations were beforehand…. I suppose I thought there would be a lot of motivational “shouting” if you know what I mean? I approached it with a positive attitude though I think, I kept an open mind. I was nervous of course, I worried that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was and would pass out half way through the first session! I worried that the trainer would be a scary, angry, preaching, exercise-nazi and I’d feel like crap the whole time. I don’t know where I got those daft ideas from!!! Thankfully and probably not surprisingly that wasn’t how it turned out.

My trainer is a man, lets call him Rob. He’s a very nice guy, possibly around my own age or a little older, friendly but not in an “I’m your new best friend” kinda way. He seems quite healthy and fit but doesn’t flaunt it. I think quietly confident is a good way to describe him. I believe that he knows what’s he’s talking about because he doesn’t seem to need to ram it down my throat you know…. he just tells it like it is. The first session was a little awkward, to be expected I guess when someone you have only met 10 minutes ago is weighing you and measuring you etc. He was in no way judgemental though and I felt at ease very quickly.

His first impression was that my body had adjusted to the exercise I was doing and so wasn’t having the impact it should have been. He felt it was allowing me to eat more rubbish than I should be without gaining weight which is exactly what was happening. He didn’t outline any major goals for me either… no magic number to reach which I’m glad about. I could see it would be about more than just reaching a number.

I know now that he took it relatively easy on me for the first training session. I’m sure he needed to evaluate my fitness level and like a child I was delighted to hear him say it was good! He also said I had good upper body strength something which again I was delighted to hear. I worked hard but I was so proud of myself that I was coping with what he was asking me to do. I felt that at least all the exercise I had been doing had achieved something.

We did some proper weights which was tough but I still managed it. He showed me the proper form first and corrected me where I was going wrong. I found him motivational but in a quiet way, it’s hard to describe. I guess he just told me what he expected/wanted and seemed confident in my ability to do it so I then felt confident in my ability too. Most importantly I think he just wasn’t overly serious about the whole thing. I don’t mean he didn’t take it seriously but he was able to chat with me and have a bit of a laugh while still being strict about me doing things right.

I had my 4th session this morning and he has changed things up and pushed me harder every time…. not in massive ways but enough so that my body gets a slightly different work out every session. I have also been so much more focused with my food. He has reminded me a number of times that there is no point in doing all the training if I’m not going to watch what I eat too. The food plan he has given me is really just sensible eating, lots of natural, healthy foods. I also have to eat every 3 hours and not to have carbs with my dinner if I’ll be going to bed within 4 hours of eating.

By his measurements I was down 2lbs last week and another 2 this week. I have also lost inches from my waist, arms and back. I know it too, I feel better. I can see a difference. I’m still going to some of my exercise classes but not all because it was just too much for my body on top of the training. I’m also trying to get to the gym once a week to do as much as I can of the routine he has set out for me.

I think the most important thing is that I am sticking with it. Some days I want chocolate or rubbish big time but I think of the effort I have put in and I think of my upcoming session with Rob and I work though it. That’s not to say I haven’t had any rubbish but compared to before it really is a treat now instead of a routine. I’m paid up for 3 more sessions so I will see where I am then and decide what to do. I think I will continue though until I get to a point where I feel I’m happy with how I am and I’m ready to work on maintaining that.

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Weekly weigh-in

I usually weigh myself on a Thursday evening when I get home from work. I had stuff on yesterday and I completely forgot about it until late last night. So I decided to wait until after work today to do it. I woke up this morning and casually hopped up on the scales just to have a peek as I do pretty often (I don’t dwell on it, just like to have an idea of where I am). I saw a number that I haven’t seen in quite some time, not even in the mornings when I’m at my lightest and in no clothes!! I decided to be sensible though, stick to my planned weigh-in time and not record that weight, though I was soooo tempted! I knew however that it wouldn’t be a realistic view of how I had done in the past week and it might come back to haunt me next week.

How have I done ? I am down 1.2 lbs and I’m quite happy with that. I little part of me was expecting more but the rest of me knows that I feel slimmer or more toned or I don’t know just different, better. I’ve been excellent with my eating since Monday and I haven’t had alcohol in almost two weeks. I definitely feel I’m on the right track and the personal training has been a big, big influence. I intend to write a post, very very soon about the personal training and how I’m finding it. Mizfit commented recently asking me about it and I realised then that I hadn’t gone into a lot of detail about it and it’s a great topic to write about so stay tuned!!

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My 3rd personal training session took place today and I’m positively exhausted. Interval cardio, lots of weights that I never imagined I’d be able for, lunges (grrrrrr) and core work. I know all this is a good thing but still I wonder if I have gone truly mad. However even though I turned about 20 different shades of red and purple I really felt more capable this evening. This is remarkable to me considering I currently have a head cold and slight cough. This past week I also felt leaner… it may be in my head but hey my head is where most of the trouble starts so that’ll do for now!

I’m really determined to do well all round this week… food, exercise and big project which I have finally started in some way.

I also have a blog task to do! I am taking part in a meme that I encountered over at Bag Lady’s. I have to list ten things I love that start with a randomly generated letter (kindly provided by the Bag Lady herself). My randomly generated letter is N 😐
This is going to be difficult but I will get it done – later in the week though!!! Stay tuned!

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The muscles in my legs are still sore from my training on Monday. This has to be a good thing right? My only problem is that I am so sore and tired from my Monday morning sessions (of course there has only been 2 so far) that my other forms of exercise are suffering. I’m generally too sore to put in my usual amount of effort. I’m worried as to how this will work out for me. I’m obviously training harder with my personal trainer than I’ve ever done which has to be good and is why I’m sore but if I’m missing other exercise because of it will one just not cancel the other out ?!

Today’s weigh-in shows a gain of 1 lb…. I really, really thought I’d crack the “loss two weeks in a row” goal this week but alas it’s not to be. There is a big possibility that I’m gaining muscle. It’s also possible that there are hormonal factors at play this week. So I’m going to work on keeping my faith in myself and try to improve the areas where I feel/know I’m not giving it my all. It’s difficult though and frustrating but I ain’t giving up.

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I feel very behind with my blog posting, reading, commenting and with lots of stuff in my life if I am honest. The kind of behind that makes it a little hard to breathe if I think all the things I need to do. That big project of mine is due in a couple of months and I haven’t even really started it properly. The feeling of panic on that one is coming to a crescendo. The universe also seems to be trying to sabotage me by creating extra things for me to do and events that I have to go to leaving me even less time than before!! aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!

Moving swiftly on to another topic so that I can avoid my to-do list woes….. I had my 2nd personal training session yesterday and boy am I feeling it! I have to admit I’m in two minds about the whole thing. On the one hand I am definitely benefiting from the exercise and learning the correct form etc. I’m pushed to my limits which is difficult to do on my own. I also find it to be good motivation to eat better. On the other hand however I feel in these recessionary times that the money it is costing is a bit nuts. I feel guilty I guess. I suppose I should see it as an investment in myself. I think the best plan of action is to let the results over the next few weeks be the deciding factor on how long I keep it up for.

I think I often make life much more complicated in my head than it needs to be. I must take up mediation or something and find my inner calm!!!

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