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Weekly weigh-in

I have to say that I have been pretty good so far this week with my eating and with my exercise (slight chocolate trip up today! though). It seems I was definitely right to attribute some of my gain last week to water/hormone fluctuations but even so I was still quite shocked to see a 5 lbs loss on the scales this week. I hopped up a few times to be certain but lo and behold there I was well back in the elusive 180s! I’m happy about this of course but I’m trying my best not to get too far ahead of myself because this coming weekend here is a holiday weekend.

On top of that I have a number of things on which will include eating and drinking so the odds of me gaining at least a little of those 5 back are unfortunately high. I’m not being negative though just realistic. I’ve been extra good during the week to try to compensate in advance plus I’ve chosen not to drink alcohol at all at one of the occasions that are coming up. For the other though I aint making no promises!! I gotta live too!!! Right!?! 🙂

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I’ve been a bit annoyed with myself this last couple of weeks. I had all these grand plans and lists of things I would get done now that I have more time since finishing a big project. Only I swear I had more time to get stuff done when I was doing the project. I just cannot seem to catch up with things any more! I really had hoped to be blogging more but that hasn’t happened either. Though this is a start. I need to set a goal I guess… twice a week or three times a week or something like that.

More than anything though the hours, days and weeks just seem to be flying by. I’m so terrified these days of waking up one day and being 50 and wondering where the last 20 years went (this is no reflection on fifty year olds I hasten to add!). That’s no way to live. I’m probably being paranoid or over thinking things but still sometimes I feel like I’m just not living… not properly. Of course I don’t know what “living properly” is supposed to entail either! I would have thought though that constantly chasing my tail trying to get stuff done is not part of the puzzle. Maybe I’m wrong on that.

I’m of an age and a time in my marriage where I’m expected to be having kids and most definitely expected to want them but we never did want them. I keep thinking maybe this is just the next step and that’s what life is about but is that a good enough reason to bring a child into the world ?! Plus if I can’t manage my time now I’d probably have a nervous breakdown if I added a child into the mix assuming of course we are even able to have children and also assuming that my husband ever decides it is something he wants.

This is all a bit deep for a Monday evening I think. It feels good to let it out though, has to be done from time to time I guess.

Now back to the to-do list. Sigh.

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Weekly weigh-in

My weekly official visit to the scales revealed a 2.6 lbs GAIN !!! I’m actually not overly bothered about it. Naturally I’d prefer if I didn’t see a gain and a loss would be even better again but I’m fairly sure part of it at least is just those usual female/water fluctuations that occur every now and then. Some of it however I do think is self-inflicted as I went on a bit of a baking spree this week trying out one of Roni’s recipes!! Wholewheat chocolate muffins with added protein!!! The lesson I learned however is that no matter how healthy something is you can still eat too much of it!!! At least I put most of the 2nd batch in the freezer (yes I said 2nd batch!!). If that wasn’t bad enough I added peanut butter protein cookies to the baking mayhem and again over-indulged a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though so it was worth it 🙂

Apart from that my exercise has been very good so I just need to get the food on track again and I’m sure I’ll be back into the 180’s next week.

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You might recall me mentioning over the last few months that I had a big project looming over me. Well I finished that damned project last week so I am officially free. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

It’s feels so, so good. I have my life back again. Well sort of. You see when I was focusing on that project everything else was pretty much put on hold… almost everything except work and exercise. My poor husband and my poor house have suffered terribly. I have lists the length of both arms of stuff I need to get done around the house and in general and of course work and exercise are still there. Then there’s myself and my husbands relationship….. relationships need work too and if I’m honest I’ve neglected my husband a bit in the last while though we are as bad as each other in ways. It’s just so hard to find enough time in the day for everything!!!!!

I have my lists though and I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time. I’m also thinking of setting aside one night in the week that’s dedicated to me and my husband… just us time.

Along with all that I hope to get back to blogging more regularly. I need to work out a system though. Days I will blog or something…. I dunno, I’m still working on that 🙂

Life is never ever simple is it… or maybe I’m missing something? How on earth people manage with kids as well I’ll never know!!!!

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A quick update on my weight loss this week. I skipped weighing-in last week because I was just crazy busy with one thing or another plus my eating wasn’t great either :/

But this week things are a little more under control. I’m down almost 1 lb this week (.8 to be precise) and I’ve just barely made it into the 180’s. Considering my eating last weekend in particular I’m quite happy with my loss this week. Every little bit helps right!

Since Monday my exercise levels and my eating have been really great so assuming I don’t go food crazy at the weekend or next week I think I will see a definite loss next week.

I’m sticking with the personal training for now and my fitness has really improved! I think I will definitely keep going with it until I reach my goal weight and then I’ll see from there.

Now that life has returned to normal levels of busyness I hope to be blogging much more and also commenting on other blogs more too! I’ve just about caught up with my blog reading so watch this space !!

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This one goes out finally (this has literally been months in the making!!!) to The Bag Lady who kindly provided me with the letter N….. when I say kindly I’m being VERY, VERY sarcastic. This was so freakin’ hard it’s not even funny!!!! Yet I persisted…. though while I do really like nachos they were added a bit in desperation!

So ten things I love that start with the letter “N“:

1) Nights – clear, starry skies, cosy hours of lovely sleep under the duvet and of course lovely times of no sleeping under the duvet too ! *wink*

2) Nuts – plain, salted, roasted, buttered or chocolate covered (what did you think I meant ?!) Yummy, crunchy and full of goodness… well the plain ones anyway 🙂

3) Neatness – oh how I love, love, love things to be neat, tidy and in order. OCD? Probably a little yes. I’m crap at it though, hence why my home is generally one big annoying mess!

4) Novels – I just love to read, books especially. I haven’t been reading much lately however because I needed to work on a project and if I start a good book it takes over my time entirely! I have many lined up and waiting for the summer though 🙂

5) Naps / Nodding off on the couch while the footie is on the TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I haven’t had many of those lately though 😦

6) Nature – I love being out and about in the countryside and as I get older I’m really learning to appreciate the beauty of it as well as how lucky I am to have it on my doorstep.

7) New York! – I’ve only been a few times and not very very long visits but I just LOVE this city. There’s just something so vibrant and exiting about it.

8) Nail polish (can you tell I’m struggling with this!!!), more specifically a French Manicure. I don’t have very long nails and they break/chip quite easily but on the infrequent occasion that I treat myself to getting them done I nearly always go for a French Manicure. I just love how it looks and I think it makes my hands look so much more feminine and slender! Under normal circumstances I have short pudgy fingers.

9) Nattering – a good natter with a friend just can’t be beaten!!

10) Nachos – yum, yum, yum !!

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