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We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here but I felt that shouldn’t stop me partaking in the sentiment! I also had turkey for dinner though it was unplanned and was a turkey & veg curry rather than a traditional roast turkey. 🙂 My roast turkey will be had on Christmas day along with baked ham plus potatoes, potatoes, potatoes….. oh and more potatoes!!!

Anyway away from the food and back to the purpose of this little ramble!

First off I want to wish everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful, wonderful day!!

Secondly I want to give some thanks myself and remind myself in the process of all the good in my life. So here I go. Some things I am truly thankful for….

…. my husband who loves me more than I will probably ever truly appreciate and who cares so much about my happiness.

…. my mum who has done her best for me all through my life even though I don’t always appreciate it as much as I should.

…. having enough food to eat, clothes to keep me warm, a roof over my head and in reality very little to worry about.

…. my body which continues to support me every day allowing me to exercise, work, rest and play even though I don’t always treat it as well as I could.

…. my brain for making it possible for me to learn, understand more and improve myself.

…. my job in these times of economic misery.

…. my lovely home which while modest is so comfortable and comforting.

…. the lovely countryside where I live and where I can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views every day.

…. all the blogs I read that give me inspiration and hope as well as the wonderful people that make them possible.

…. and on a slightly lighter note my nutty dog that teaches me patience and also teaches me not to say the word walk unless I’m going to leave for a walk that very second!!! 🙂

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I’m not in much humour for blogging this week. What I am in the humour for is eating and I just can’t seem to get enough food! I’m doing my best to be sensible about it though and I’m still exercising. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly hormone induced so I know it will pass. IT WILL PASS. The important thing is that I don’t give in to it – too much.

I’m tired a lot too and it bugs me that in my early 30’s I feel so wrecked a lot of the time. I think I just get down from time to time and the tiredness comes with that. I have a tendency to over-analyse and stress about things that I really shouldn’t let myself get bothered about. I guess it’s just my personality. Can we really change our personality’s though?

Even considering all this and maybe because of all this I’m pondering a new goal/challenge for myself and I’m hoping hubby might join me in this. There’s a local running event taking place next summer with a different choice of distances – 10k, half and full marathon so I’m hoping the two of us will sign up, train and then run one of those distances. We’ll have plenty of time to train between now and then and it will be nice to have a different type of goal to aim for… says the woman that’s complaining about being too tired :[ yes I’m nuts, I know.

As for the weight I had no weigh in this week either so who knows if I’m up, down or the same! I’m hoping to get a good week-end in at least and fingers crossed for even a little loss next week. On a good note I’m still painfully diet coke and chocolate free. The end of November looms though and I dunno what will happen then!! I’d really like to stay away from the diet coke altogether but a realistic aim might be to just have it as a treat once in a while but not daily like before!

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Weekly update

I haven’t been a great blogger this past week but then I guess that’s not really my aim anyway is it! My aim is (with blogging as one of the tools to help) to get fitter, healthier, learn to eat based on real hunger rather than emotions and hopefully in the process loose some of the extra fat I’m carrying around.

I’ve been having a somewhat stressful time at work where lots of confrontation and changes are taking place. The confrontation doesn’t involve me directly but it doesn’t matter – I just do not cope well with confrontation of any type. I guess I’m a coward. Thankfully I didn’t resort to food to calm my nerves!

I had training today but didn’t have a weigh-in. On the one hand I’m glad because I felt I might be up a little. I think my trainer realises that I take gains a bit too personally and that’s why I’m not weighing myself at all or looking at the scales when he does it so he seems to be adjusting to that which is good. He still has to weigh and measure me of course to see what progress I am making. On the flip side part of me wanted to be weighed today in case I might actually have lost a little weight and if I had then I would have been elated, almost high because of that. I think that’s the problem though. While I should be glad for a loss I shouldn’t get that over the top about it so it was definitely a good thing that I had no weigh in today. It means I’m just straight back to my healthy eating, full of exercising life! One that I enjoy too!

Another small update is that I am still diet coke and chocolate free!!! AND it’s still the diet coke that I’m missing the most! What on earth do they put in that stuff!?!??!?

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Yes I’m ever so slightly chasing my tail this week. Even more so than usual so this will have to be quick.

My efforts last week paid off and I was rewarded with a 2.5lb loss. I’m very happy with that but also quite determined to keep up the good work. My only problem however is a number of unplanned eating out events this week which also combine to reduce my opportunities to exercise but hey that’s life right. I need to work within the constraints, be realistic and do my best. I still think another loss is possible this week but it’s likely to be a much smaller one. I’ll take that though… no problem! 🙂

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Very quick update

Thankfully I seem to have gotten back on the horse this week but then it’s only Thursday. I’m still diet coke and chocolate free which is great. The diet coke has definitely been the hardest bit… it’s my go-to comfort/treat type drink.
I’ve been eating pretty well… the odd dodgy choice but nothing too bad. I’ve been exercising too, not killing myself but still doing a bit.

I should be heading for a loss this week and possibly even a decent loss though that of course depends on me getting through the weekend like a sane person. Fridays seem to have an odd effect on me and I’ve an unexpected dinner out tomorrow night but I think I just need to relax, enjoy it, try not to go stupidly overboard and then put it behind me.

Also here’s hoping I’m not building myself up for a big fall. I hate it when I do that and I do it regularly. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Gotta have faith

I had the worst, worst week of eating last week. It felt like the worst I’ve been in the last three years !!!! It was so stupid and senseless. I felt so angry and frustrated with myself. I know too though that feeling that way doesn’t help the situation. So my action plan is mainly that today is a new day and I’m letting last week go. I can also take some positives from last week. I thought I did very little exercise but when I went over what I actually did with my trainer today I realise I did quite a lot so kudos to me for doing that even though I was feeling lousy. Also my trainer weighed me today. It’s been three weeks and I’m up one pound. It’s a miracle. I was expecting and feel about 5 or 6 lbs heavier!! So I’m counting my blessings for small mercy’s and hoping it doesn’t catch up with me this week. I also had a kick ass (i.e. horrendously difficult) training session today and I can really see the progress in my fitness so that’s another BIG plus!!

My new goal is to aim to lose a stone by Christmas. I think this is definitely achievable if I can just control my eating more. Easier said than done I know but I need to set my sights on something. I’m paying money every week for personal training, working quite hard on exercise and then I sabotage it all by making bad and senseless food choices. It has to stop or at the very least slow waaaaaay down!!!

So for November I’m off chocolate and diet coke. I’m hoping to give up the diet coke forever but one day at a time eh! Other than that I’m planning to eat healthily and in moderation. I just have to repeat the mantra:

when I eat well, I feel well
when I eat well, I feel well
when I eat well, I feel well
when I eat well, I feel well…….

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