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Ok so I don’t really, truly think “crap” about the passing of yet another year. Well maybe I do a little bit as I think of time marching on, age creeping up, wrinkles increasing and so on but hey I guess that’s life and it might be about time that I just accepted life’s warped sense of humour!

I haven’t blogged in a while. I haven’t done much else either really apart from eat and get high on diet coke and chocolate!! Yes my self inflicted prohibition of diet coke and chocolate ended on Christmas day. Happy Christmas to me! 🙂

Did I over-indulge this Christmas? Hell ya!!! Did I enjoy it? Some of it but no not all of it though I did make mental notes about what I didn’t enjoy and tried not to repeat the mistake. That alone for me is progress. Have I gained weight? I don’t know for sure as my scale is staying in the attic hopefully for ever and my personal trainer hasn’t weighed me yet but I’m sure I have gained some weight (and most of it on my ass!). That’s ok though, not fabulous but ok. For some reason, even though I am still eating like a fool, I feel like this coming new year will see me achieving my weight loss/fitness goals. Maybe it’s just the sugar, caffeine, carbs and booze warping my judgment but there a quiet confidence inside me that leads me to believe I can focus on my goals and truly achieve them in 2010. Maybe not every single one of them, hey I haven’t even defined them all yet and defining goals is surely always a work in progress, still I just feel like I can do what I set out to do.

So I will define some goals soon after some considered thought. For a a small start I’m looking forward to going back to work on Monday and re-establishing some sorely missed routine to my life. I’ve had a wonderful Christmas, a quiet, simple, relaxing one. I’ve recharged my batteries and spent quality time with the people I love. It’s been great but getting back to a routine will be great too. Structure is my friend also and I will be embracing it on Monday after I stop grumbling about having to get up so early and after all the withdrawals from Christmas excesses subside!!!

Happy New Year to one and all! I hope it’s a healthy and happy 2010 for you all!

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Christmas note to self

Yes it’s Christmas.

Yes you are going to over-indulge.


If you only do one thing this Christmas then don’t beat yourself up about it!


If you only do two things then don’t over-indulge just for the sake of it. Eat things that you really, truly love the taste of and that satisfy you!

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The holiday season

I’m sitting cosily in front of a roaring fire and enjoying it so much. It’s even nicer around Christmas time, just more special I think. Right now I feel quite full of Christmas spirit but to be honest it’s the first time this holiday season that I have felt that way and I have no idea if it will last. For the last few years I have generally wished that I could skip ahead to January and be done with it. I just find it so stressful at this time of year and I know that’s not what it should be about but I feel powerless to change it. There’s so much has to be done, then there’s all the food around, all the going out, all the money it costs, the time that’s consumed. It’s little wonder that blogging has been far from my mind but yet here I am in front of my lovely fire and for a little while at least feeling more positive about it all. I’m also feeling a bit sleepy so maybe a little Christmas nap is in order! 🙂

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Weekly update

Oh my word am I in a funk this week. It’s not so much that I am eating badly or not exercising, it’s just that I feel lousy.
I feel grumpy, irritable, tired, sore, stressed, negative and on and on and on…..
All I can seem to focus on is the many, many things I need to do in the run up to Christmas. All I can see around the house is what I haven’t done yet. Work is crappy too and purely because of my lack of self esteem and self confidence. I just want to run away from it all and start again somewhere new. I’d still be me though.

I’m sure I’m just fighting off a cold or something and that the winter blues and Christmas madness is taking it’s toll. Knowing all that doesn’t make me feel any better though.

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Weekly update

I didn’t even realise until this morning that I never posted my weekly update on Monday! Life has been hectic though I don’t seem to be getting much done at the same time so not sure what’s going on!

I had my weigh in on Monday anyway and I was up a little over a pound. A lot of my measurements were down though so I guess that means I’m toning ? Who knows. What ever the reason I’m feeling pretty ok. I’m tired though and I feel that’s not right. I should have more energy. Maybe I’m expecting too much from myself.

I managed to complete November diet coke and chocolate free and I’ve decided to try to keep it up until Christmas day. I think I’m over the worst of the withdrawals so it’s seems daft to just go back to eating chocolate and drinking diet coke again now that it isn’t bothering me as much. I AM having some diet coke Christmas day and that is that! I’m less optimistic about staying away from the chocolate until Christmas day because well the Christmas season and chocolate go hand in hand so it could be torturous to avoid but I will go as far as I can!!

So what other news do I have? am… none. And the prize for most boring blogger ever goes to……….. ME! 🙂

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