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I’ve been a bit quiet since my last six steps post. Six steps which I haven’t written out to remind myself of and haven’t even re-read (the shame). I’m so full of crap.
In saying all that my food and exercise have been ok this past week. I’ve had a bit of news however that has left me a little stunned. It shouldn’t really be such a surprise to me but it still is.
I can’t say too much yet but I’m sure the few of you that read might just guess what it is. Lets just say, all going well, life is going to change for me in a big, big way. 🙂
I think I’m ready for that change but ready or not it’s still happening!


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My own six steps

Ok this post is inspired by Mizfit and her recent Six Small Steps post.

I think I need to find my own six small steps that work for me and will help me have a healthy relationship with food for life. I know they won’t be an instant fix but they can’t hurt either! I also know they may need re-editing as I change or discover more of what does/doesn’t work well for me. So based on Mizfit’s six steps and some of the others left in comments on her post my own personal six steps are shaping up as follows:

1. Portion control/mini meals. I do not need to eat huge meals even if they are healthy ones. 99% of the time it just makes me feel crappy and tired which often leads to me eating crap to give me “energy”!

2. Intuitive eating/honesty. I need to be honest with myself. I need to truly acknowledge when I am hungry and when I’m just craving. I also need to work on figuring out why I am craving at certain times of course. Now I know this isn’t easy but I’m already quite aware when I am eating when not hungry. I choose not to deal with it though and that needs to stop. I need to stand up for myself to myself.

3. Drink plenty of water. Water helps my body to work better. It’s also free and I like it. I need to focus on doing the easy stuff before trying to conquer the hard stuff. A quote comes to mind on this “The faith to move mountains, comes to those that have moved little hills”.

4. Eat at the table as much as possible. We have developed an awful habit of eating dinner etc in front of the TV. It’s not a good idea as we don’t focus on our food enough while eating not to mention how unsociable it is! So from now on I will try to eat at the table as much as possible and really enjoy/taste/experience/appreciate my food.

5. Let go of the guilt, frustration and regret. Things will never go exactly to plan and that needs to be ok in my head. The important thing is not to dwell on things. I need to pick myself up and move on. I need to be kinder to myself and acknowledge that I am not perfect. Nor is life! I need to accept that this will be a lifetime journey with ups and downs. I can’t just fast forward to the point where I am finally 100% happy with myself/my weight/my life. For one thing that might never happen and even if it does do I really want to miss all the fun I will undoubtedly have in getting there? Sure there will be bad times but there will be plenty good too.

6. Stand up to that voice in my head. I argue in my head a lot. With myself. 😐 I don’t win either. I know that sounds ridiculous but I so often talk myself into having that piece of cake/sausage roll/cookie etc. I occasionally talk myself out of it but not nearly enough lately. So I need to stand up to me. I need to stop letting that voice in my head bully me and guilt me and sweet talk me. I let that voice give me excuses to make the unhealthy choices ok. The more I allow that to happen though the stronger I let that voice become so it’s time to find the mute button!

I’m going to write these out for myself and leave them in a few places so I can read them often. Hopefully they will help me in time.

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Where to now?

My blogging has slowed down a lot lately and some days I think I should stop completely. I guess I don’t feel I have anything particularly new or interesting to share. I just go from feeling good, to bad, to good and so on. I suppose that’s life. Then I remember that I started blogging for me, to help me and if I end up writing the same thing most of time then so what. I’m not exactly sure how that’s helping me though?!

Anyway today I feel like a big fat blob…. a big fat blob with extremely tender boobs! I feel totally blah. I know part of the reason is pms and some poor food choices over the last few days. I also know that pms has a big influence on those food choices but sometimes I give in to it a little too easily. I also know that dressing in comfy, baggy but non shapely clothes makes me feel bigger and blobbier yet that’s exactly what I did this morning. Duh me.

In general lately I feel split in two. On the one hand I’m exercising regularly and doing great. I ran 3k yesterday. BEFORE work!
I’m still eating pretty healthily. Plenty of veg, protein, wholegrain carbs and fruit. I do still have a treats now and then. Probably more than I should. I also have a drink now and then.
I’m not gaining weight though which must means I’m doing something right?! My clothes still fit. Sometimes they might be a bit tighter than others but it’s usually down to water retention and within a day or two I’m back to normal. So by my reckoning I’m fit and healthy but just a little overweight. Which is fine. I should be happy and learn to live with my body the way it is.

On the other hand….. I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!

I don’t want to lose a lot. 14lbs would be just fine. I’m not saying that’s not a lot but in the grand scheme of weight loss it isn’t that much. Even at that I would still be considered overweight by medical standards but that’s fine. I guess I just want to be a little more streamlined.

Now if I could just make it happen.

~ Hold your head high, stick your chest out. You can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but morning comes. Keep hope alive. ~ Jesse Jackson

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Waiting for the storm

It’s become ever clearer this past week that my hormones have a colossal impact on my physical and mental well-being. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many out there with hormonal conditions that make my moans pale into insignificance but still our own woes are big for us right?!

For about 2 weeks of the month I am in control. I don’t crave anything much and when I do I have very little problems dealing with the craving either by saying no or having a little and then stopping. For the other 2 weeks of the month I turn into an out of control, moany, overly-emotional sugar/carb junkie. Yes some months aren’t as bad as others but then some are bloody awful. The most frustrating thing I think is experiencing those two weeks of control and knowing how I can be and what I am capable of.

So right now those 2 weeks of madness are looming ahead and I’m so not looking forward to them. 😦

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