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Crap, crap, crap.

The title of this post describes both my mood, my eating over the past week or so and my reaction to trying to fit into a pair of jeans that were loose on me two weeks ago. A pair of jeans I might add that I bought in the earlier stages of pregnancy a size bigger than I would normally wear and were fitting generously then. And yes I am 5 months pregnant but it isn’t just around the waist they are tight… it’s on my ass and thighs also so can’t blame baby for that one. I can’t blame baby for any of it of course as baby isn’t shoving the chocolate chip cookies into my big mouth or buying them in the shop either for that matter!! I just seem to have regressed into junk eating land and part of me feels like I never left! What’s worse is that eating junk makes me feel even more horrible while pregnant than it ever did before yet I’m still doing it !!!

I also lean towards blaming hubby but again he didn’t buy the junk though he did eat it… well what was left for him after I got at it. Not much let me tell you. Having said all that we have come to a joint decision that once the junk is gone from the house that’s it. No more is being bought. Hubby is trying to get back to his running groove and intends signing up for a half-marathon so I intend doing it with him. In spirit that is of course but that means eating less junk, less takeaways and making an extra effort to be as active as I can.

I think the scariest thing of all is how easily my brains reverts to the “must eat all the cookies in the pack” mentality. It reminds me that I will probably always fight this fight but I guess the good thing is that a week into that mentality my brain also realises that it has to stop and stop I shall.

So while it might sound like I’m stressing about this I’m actually not. Well not too much anyway. I just gotta face the issue head on and solve it. Thankfully I have a hubby that is on the same wavelength so that will help. I also have a baby on board that serves to remind me that this is not just about me. It’s bigger than that.

So my goal for July (and after!) is to cut out the junk and takeaways at home. When I’m out I can indulge but only within reason. I need to listen to my body. Being aware is key so I’m working on that as much as I can!

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