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Just a quickie

I’m writing very quickly tonight to share a post that one of my favourite bloggers wrote the other day. You most likely have visited her blogs but if not you are seriously missing out! I think she’s an amazing blogger and an amazing woman in general but in a normal way if you know what I mean. Well when you read the post I’m linking too you will understand I think! She never fails to inspire me, to put a smile on my face and to also help me come back down to earth in a positive way.

So off you go and enjoy!

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Crikey.. two posts in what, two weeks?!! Hold on to your hats!!!! 🙂

I know this is not going to come as a surprise to you nor is it a surprise to me but at the same time I am over and over again amazed and astounded at how emotional and psychological weight loss/body image/health is. It’s also amazing to me how little many health professionals acknowledge this. Many of them still hold this just eat less and move more attitiude and yes of course this works! I’m not disputing that. Well unless there is a medical condition also affecting things but to be fair that is not the case for the majority of people. So yes if most of us eat less and move more we would lose the weight. So why is it so difficult then? Um, maybe because many, many people have emotional issues surrounding their excess eating! I know, I know… not exactly the greatest news story of the decade but while this knowledge is common place to you and me it still doesn’t seem to be common medical practice. I realise that doctors don’t have the time to deal with all these issues but they should at least be able to point people in the right direction to help deal with emotional issues surrounding their overeating if that is necessary. Sure some people just need to learn to eat right… they need to be told that there is a ridiculous amount of sugar in a can of coke or that just one biscuit a day more than their required calorie intake will cause them to gain weight in the long term. Many, many people know all this though and soooo much more and yet we still find it crazy difficult to eat healthily and lose weight. In fact knowing as much as we do just piles on extra guilt and emotional weight. We can generally lose some or all of the weight but then because we haven’t solved the root problem odds are we will pile it all on again plus a bit more and then some doctor will tell us to just eat less and move more and our brains explode.

Sheesh that felt like a bit of a rant…. anyway I guess this is just all extra apparent to me these days in my current baby factory state. Being pregnant partly defines who I am right now (as I’m sure is blatantly obvious considering every post since I announced it has been pregnancy related in some way even though I promised I wouldn’t do that!) However I most certainly don’t intend for that to be a long term thing! Pregnancy throws up (no pun intended!) so many different emotional issues especially when it comes to body image and weight loss.

First off to even talk about weight loss seems almost a sin. As if talking about it means I’m trying to do it and so need to be reported for cruelty to the unborn! Let me be clear, I am not for a second trying to lose weight while pregnant. I am trying to be sensible when it comes to food and I’m also trying to simply be kind to myself and extra-forgiving when I do indulge but at the same time not forgiving enough that eating everything that’s not nailed down becomes acceptable! Aside from food I think pregnant women are supposed to be happy about and even embrace gaining weight. Now I’ve sadly probably spend most of my teen/adult life trying to lose weight/change my shape/dress to appear slimmer and suddenly I’m supposed to be squeezing into skin tight tops to show off my bump (which doesn’t look terribly bumpy I might add!). My poor brain finds this very interesting, if by interesting you read aneurysm inducing! I’ve trained myself to hold my tummy in and now I’m just supposed to let it all hang out. I feel guilty for being uncomfortable with my expanding girth as if I’m somehow being unloving towards my baby. It’s head-wrecking. Now don’t worry. I don’t spend every waking moment thinking this way but I do often find myself pondering the whole thing. Trying to get my head around what society has done to me, what I’ve done to myself. I also get a little sad thinking ahead to when my little bundle is influenced by all these societal factors and sadder still when I realise that no matter how much I try to be a positive influence in this regard it will be all but impossible to protect them from the insane expectations of society regarding how we should look and behave.

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August! Already?!

I’ve been promising to write all week and FINALLY I’m getting around to it. It’s been a while yet again but I was on holidays so I have a bit of an excuse this time. Not that I need an excuse. It is my blog and I can write as little or as much as I like. Though not much point in having a blog if don’t write something at least, eh?!

My holidays were lovely! Just me and hubby, sun, sea, lots of reading and relaxing. Plus hubby thinks he felt the baby kick for the first time and the most amazing thing for me was the look/smile on his face. It’s the little things that count all right. For me the baby moving has definitely progressed from flutter to actual kicks though the strength of them varies. It’s only the odd time that I can feel them from the outside or see my tummy move but I know as the weeks go on that will happen more frequently too. It’s such an odd sensation but nice too… nice to know the little bundle in there is doing it’s thing!

Other than that my pregnancy consists mainly of indigestion. Not nice but hey could be worse. I’m not sleeping great either but practice for when the baby arrives I guess!

Otherwise I’m having good days and bad days. As per usual I’m being too hard on myself for feeling tired and for not being able to get all the stuff done around the house etc that I want too. Then the more that builds up the more down I feel. It’s such a vicious circle. I’m hoping that letting it out here might help a little. I’m just such a bloody control freak. I want to be able to do it all and right now that just is not possible whether I like it or not. I’m just not sure I’ll ever be able to fully come to terms with that in life. Gotta keep trying though I guess.

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