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So as you may have noticed October somewhat escaped my attention.. well as far as the blog goes anyway! I felt however given that today is the first day of the month in which my child is most likely to be born that I should make an effort and get some words on screen. So here I am.

Three weeks to go to my due date. Whether I will go early or go over who knows?! As I keep telling the little one any time he/she wants to come out from now on will suit me just fine! I so long to get back to being able to sleep in any position I want even if that sleep will be interrupted every few hours by a wailing new born. I long to be free of horrible indigestion which generally strikes no matter what I eat and I long to be free of the yucky but thankfully generally effective antacid solutions. I also long to meet the little person that is squirming about inside me even as I type. I still find it impossible to imagine that movement as an actual baby but I know that won’t last long once he or she is in my arms. I long to see my husbands face in that moment. To see the love and wonder that I’m sure we both will feel even though we can’t quite imagine it right now. I long to get stuck into this job of motherhood though I guess that job started many months ago. I’m thankful for getting this far really without much trouble and no health problems. It turns out that my body really is well designed for this but fingers crossed that continues right up to the very end! I can’t say that it has been easy however and I’m sure the very last part won’t be easy either. I guess the statement “nothing worthwhile is ever easy” is quite appropriate in this situation.

I have finished up work and while part of me wanted to play the martyr and work right up to the bitter end the rest of me is quite glad to have gotten the rest and time to potter about and try to adjust to the big changes that are heading my way.

I do hope to keep blogging. I can’t promise how regular that will be but I am DEFINITELY getting a new laptop soon and I think that will help. I will at the very least let you know when the little one decides to grace us with his/her presence. I may even be brave enough to post a little photo. 🙂

So as they say…. watch this space !!!!

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