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I’m really, really bad for comparing myself to other people. I always knew it and I always tried my best not to and at the very least try to ignore those thoughts when I do. Let me tell you that becoming a mother has only intensified that bad habit. Not only am I comparing my body, clothes etc to other women but now I’m also comparing my mothering skills! Of course I’m also getting it wrong every single time. I decided that such a person is the perfect mother or whatever but I decide this on little or no information or on very superficial information and then I talk to the person in question perhaps and realise they have just the same or similar issues and difficulties that I do. I guess it all comes back to my low self esteem / self confidence. I don’t trust in myself and my abilities. It’s very frustrating. Now I don’t spend all day every day doing this but still I do it and I probably do it a lot unconsciously too.

I guess it’s partly human nature and partly me and my issues. I suppose being aware of it is a start and I can make a conscious effort to stop myself doing it from now on.

Well enough of that and on to the real business. I finally got around to weighing myself……

97kg approx 214 lbs / 15.3 stone


To be honest I’m not really that surprised or very upset. I think it was important though to face the number and just get on with it. No point pretending it hadn’t happened!! I’m not going to live by the number though. Yes I’m going to try to work on my health and fitness but because I feel a million times better when I’m healthier and fitter. Weight loss just generally tends to be a side effect of those things. I’m also going to work really hard on being kinder to myself and just enjoying life as it is now. As I am now.

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Ok this may get a little confusing.

My blog used to be in blogger but is now in wordpress (for ages) but I set it up so if you read it in blogger it would direct you to the new one I think. Hmmm not sure. Anyway I’m getting rid of the old one that’s on blogger next week. So this is just to confirm that the address for the most current and soon to be the only blog is

So basically if I go missing on you next week you’ll know where to find me!!! 🙂

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