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Week 8 and 9 !!

Apologies for being missing but as well as forgetting to publish a written post (duh!) I also had some family illness stuff happening in the last week which pretty much ate up ALL my time. It turned out to be nothing serious thankfully.

Right back to the business at hand. I didn’t gain or lose last week which was fine. It was about what I deserved. This week I’ve gained 1lb and to be honest I expected more as my eating has been all over the place this week.

So time to get back on the horse methinks. I’ve a new strategy too. I’m going to see a hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner. I think I’m going to concentrate on my self-esteem/confidence though because while I really want to lose the weight I know that it’s my head needs fixing first you know. It’s gonna be pricey which did put me off at first. Then I thought about the money I spend on food and clothes or whatever. That put it into perspective. So who knows if it will work. It might be a complete disaster but have no fear I will keep you posted on all the developments, good and bad!

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Week 7

Though written I forgot to post this…. this is two weeks ago I think…..

Down 1lb this week. Trying not to judge that in comparison to last weeks 3lb gain! Gotta let it go. That was then and this is now.

This past week has seen some positive developments… I’ve started exercising!!! Nothing super structured but that’s ok. I think I walked more yesterday than I did in the last month! That however says more about my walking levels in the last month than anything. All that matters though is that I’m moving again. My goal is to walk every day. That might sound like too much but I’m counting even a 5 minute walk just so long as it is a specific effort to get out and do it. I’ve got to let go of where my fitness level was pre-pregnancy. I have to start down a new road and I think I’ve done that. I’m hoping to built my fitness back up slowly and eventually start running. A quiet goal I have is to run a 10k or half marathon next year!!!! Even better I have a friend that wants to do this too. An exercise buddy is always a big help. In the meantime my goal is to just move, move move!!

In other news today…. I’m going to kill my husband if he keeps losing weight so easily. 😐
What is it with men!!!?? Aaarrrrghhhhhhhh!

Deep down somewhere I’m happy for him too. 🙂

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Check out this fab idea/recipe! I haven’t tried it myself yet but I do intend to…. like lots of other things. 🙂

Instant Frozen Yogurt

And while I’m at it!! Some lovely recipes on this website too.

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Note to self!

Chin up woman! Where has feeling sorry for yourself got you? No where!
So stop dwelling on the crappy stuff that isn’t even really that crappy!
Anyway if life hands you lemons you just get out there and make lemonade!!!

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Week 6

So I’m trying to gain weight right ???! Oh wait no I’m supposed to be LOSING weight. Hmmmmmm well that’s not going so well. This week I’ve gained 3 lbs!!!! What’s worse… I totally deserve it though I’m still hoping that some of it is fluid retention (from eating crap however!). Well what’s done is done so I just have to move on. I can’t go back and undo it anyway.

On a positive note I have been adding frozen berries to my oatmeal every morning so that’s something at least. My water intake hasn’t been quite so good. Some days I’m great but some I’m truly awful so I have to keep working on that one.

After that I’m afraid I’m just not sure what I’m doing. I have no real plan or motivation or clue as to how I’m going to do this. I know I need to eat better and start exercising but I’m missing the will to start. I’m totally in a downward spiral and part of me just doesn’t really care right now. I’m also starting to get bitter about other people’s success. Roni is doing so well!!! I hate myself for being so jealous of her. I’m should be inspired instead I just feel why cant that be me. Sad.

Fingers crossed I’ll figure out how to get my ass in gear some day soon and stop feeling sorry for myself!

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