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So I’ve been trying the whole hypnotherapy thing for my overall confidence more so than my eating issues though I’m pretty sure that’s where most of them stem from. I’ve only been for two sessions so far and it’s been interesting. It’s been weird to be honest but extremely relaxing and certainly in some way illuminating. All that being said I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. For one thing it’s bloody expensive and I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to take. As always I want a quick fix but I know that’s not how anything worthwhile works!

It’s hard to go into it too much more right now but my post title will give you an idea of what I’m working on after my 2nd session. This is a mantra for myself. I can say it all together or just each part alone whenever I think of it. It’s kinda kooky but kinda cool too and I most certainly need it.

I think the I love you and Thank you are self explanatory.

The forgiveness is a huge necessity for me because I maintain an endless catalogue of things I have said or done or thought that I regret hugely and for which I feel horrible for. I need to forgive myself and let it go.

The sorry is simply apologising to myself for being so hard on myself and for not treating myself very well sometimes (most of the time!).

I’m off on my hols soon so I won’t be blogging. Apologies for my lack of commenting elsewhere also. I’ve a mountain of blog reading to catch up on. I will be back though so don’t stray too far. 🙂

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Up 2lbs this week. Deserved really so not terribly surprised and not caring a huge amount either. Everything is still all over the place and to top it off our beloved little doggy died this week. 😦 Not impressed universe. Not. Impressed.

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