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Feeling alive

Taking a little break while out for a walk with our new doggy and I haven’t felt as alive in a long time. I have been feeling much better but right now I get a real sense of the person I used to be when I exercised because it felt great and ate healthily because it tasted good and made me feel good. In this moment I feel incredibly lucky and positive! Long may it last.

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Wow….. so it’s been a wee while since I’ve shared. There might not be anyone there to share with but that’s ok. This is for me.

I’ve been on prozac for postnatal depression since January. I started therapy in May I think. It’s going well but it’s not easy. No surprises there. I have a lot of work to do. On me. That’s the only way my food issues and all the rest will be resolved and fingers crossed I will get there someday.

Right now I’m on my holidays and a little tipsy. Whoopsy. Could there be a better time to write a post for all the world to read? I think not.

I think I need this blog to get stuff out of my head and I would love if there was still a couple of people out there who would be willing to listen. Here’s hoping!

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