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Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde

It’s like I’m a different person this week compared to last week. So much so it’s even hard for me to grasp. I have more energy, more focus, I’m happier and much nicer to be around too!

I haven’t been perfect as far as food is concerned… there have been a couple of chocolate indulgences but I’m not letting them affect my mood or my other choices. My exercise has been great too which always helps.

If this person could just stick around more regularly I’d be well on my way to losing those pounds that seem to be stuck to me!! I’m going to take the positive view however that it could be much worse. I could be Mrs Hyde all the time, heaven forbid!!! I’d be divorced for sure and quite probably a very fat recluse too! 🙂

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Quick overview of today.

Exercise – yes!
Healthy eating – yes!
Sensible portions – yes!
Water – yes!
Feeling positive – yes!
Productive – yes!

Short but sweet post…. I’m obviously feeling good today so I’ll leave it at that and just enjoy it.

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A glimpse of sunshine.

Today has been pretty good. I ate well and I’m just back from a really lovely walk. A walk that was just about getting out with my dog, getting some fresh air and letting the tensions of the day fade away with every step. As walks should be, though lately mine had become consumed with thoughts of ‘is my heart rate up enough’, ‘am I making good enough time’, ‘am I working hard enough to burn off the required amount of calories/fat/pounds’. Exercise should not be dominated by thoughts like those!

Today I also feel much more energised. No doubt a side effect of two days of 95% healthy eating. I was going to say good eating but I need to break that habit. Food for me must stop being good or bad and thereby making me good or bad depending on what I eat. Food is fuel, for my body and yes sometimes for my emotions too. That’s ok.

Oh and I won the ice-cream battle too. 🙂 Me 1, ice-cream 0.

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The thing always happens that you really believe in. And the belief in a thing makes it happen. And I think nothing will happen until you thoroughly and deeply believe in it. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

All this motivation and inspiration seems to be working !!!
Another good day under my belt, even though writing my post re the dark choc situation very nearly persuaded me to have a bite or 4 … but I resisted!!!

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I have had a good day today. I didn’t eat any crap and had no bad carbs. I also started my couch to 5k interval training using Podrunner mp3s which are the best things since sliced bread and God knows I love my bread!!

I do feel I went a bit heavy with the cheese today but I gotta give myself a break! It wasn’t chocolate, it was cheese!!! Calcium, protein and yes some fat but it wasn’t chocolate 🙂

I made a pact with myself today that I won’t wear certain clothes that do fit me as such but that I don’t feel comfortable or good in. I’m just sabotaging myself by doing that. When I feel good in what I’m wearing I’m much more likely to stay on track and not feel sorry for myself.

Here’s to tomorrow and to hopefully feeling a lot less bloated because of my good work today.

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