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My body for still working reasonably well even though I don’t always respect it.


My heat pack that warms me up and helps me heal.


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My house that shelters me from the cold and windy weather.

The lovely nap I let myself have while my daughter had hers.

The combination of chocolate ice cream and fresh strawberries.

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I am grateful for….

I’ve come across this gratitude lark on other blogs and Steph’s post yesterday over on Back In Skinny Jeans prompted me to dedicate a post to it. That and I’m having a bit of a writing block apart from “ok food day, could be better posts” that seem to have been the standard for a while. I also thought it would do me no harm at all to focus on some of the things in my life that I’m grateful for. In fact I’m sure it will do me the world of good so here goes!

I am grateful for…….

My husband, my parents, my friends, my in-laws, my health, my fitness, my body, my curves, my dog, my home, my job. I’m grateful for the ability to learn and change. I’m grateful that I am open to new ideas and people. I’m grateful for my sense of humour and my sense of empathy. I’m grateful for my organisational skills. I’m grateful for chocolate 🙂

Wow this is harder than I thought it would be. It’s not that I’m not grateful for lots of stuff it’s just hard to put it into words.

I guess in one sentence to try to sum it up I’m grateful for life and all the challenges, failures and successes it brings.

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Another week over.

Just weighed in and I’m delighted to see that I am 3lbs down! Feeling so un-bloated for a change it’s fab. I also re-took my measurements after a month and assuming I haven’t screwed them up I have made progress. I’ve lost an inch off my thighs, waist and chest plus half an inch from my hips. All sounds good too me 🙂 I must set mini-goals for myself more often. Though I am wary of how easily I can gain so I can’t get on too much of a high about the whole thing or I will set myself up for a big fall!

For the last couple of days I’ve started recording what I’m eating. Just a quick recap at the end of the day to let me have an honest view of what I’ve put into my body, good or bad. I’m going to look at it as more of an educational tool than something to beat myself up with when things go wrong.

Today has been good in general….. I did have trouble at lunch time but I made the best choice that was available to me and that’s a positive. I’m about to have dinner soon and will be going a bit off plan for that but I’m making a conscious decision to do it and I won’t go too crazy. I’ll be running tomorrow too so that will help work some of it off. Aiming to do 2 miles. My 7km race is on in a few days so it’s unlikely I’ll manage to run it all but I’ll give it a go and if I have to walk some of it who cares! I’m lucky to be able to get out there and take part and I’m grateful for it.

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