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My insanity of the last few days seems to have waned – slightly. I have to admit I basically ended up giving in to it and have just stuffed my face with crap. I also have had NO exercise to combat this. I think I’ve had more greasy food in the last week than in the last two months!
I am however determined that starting tomorrow now, that’s it.

I am taking the advice of so many other bloggers out there. My new healthy lifestyle is about making the best of each situation and not letting it all overwhelm me. So that’s it, I’m done. Now if I could just stop thinking about that ice-cream my hubby bought !!! 🙂 as if I didn’t have enough trouble!

Speaking of the hubby, is marriage damn hard work or what ?! Not that I don’t love him to bits, I do. Not that he doesn’t have lots of wonderful aspects, he does. Not that our marriage doesn’t have great days, it does. But my God I get so frustrated sometimes, especially when hormonal, of course. I seem to be the one that does the thinking in the relationship. Oh this needs to ordered, that needs to be collected, x needs to be cleaned, y needs to be fixed…… I do practically all of it and there’s NO-ONE to remind ME to do these things. I just have to remember myself. Which is fine. That’s adult life. No problem.
There are two of us in this however. Basically I’m the grown-up in the relationship. If I don’t do things, they generally just don’t get done. Arrrgh!

I know men and women are just different. I know too that all men are not like this. I’m told I just have to accept him the way he is. But is that really fair? Is it really impossible for him to change, just a little ?! I think if he even appreciated all that I do or if I even thought he realised half of what I do, I could bear it better.

It’s just as well I love him and that he cooks & washes up occasionally !!
It’s probably more than most.

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