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After a 3.5 very good days I had my official weigh in and was down 4 lbs which I am of course delighted with! I have to say I did expect to be down because I damn well put in the effort. I’m pretty sure some of it is water weight but that’s ok too. I’m now back under the 14 stone mark and that’s feels good.

I say 3.5 good days because the 2nd half of today was a little dodgy 🙂
All the writing about the dark choc in my office drawer basically had me obsessing about it so eventually this afternoon I broke about a third of it off but didn’t eat all of that third as my work colleague had some too. So that wasn’t too bad. I made the choice and it was yummy (it’s open now though which is an even more dangerous situation).

However after my weigh in, because I didn’t have time to cook a dinner after work and because my hubby wasn’t in the mood to cook either, we got a big fat takeaway!! But it’s just one meal. Plus I got a good walk in this evening so it’s not all bad.

I’m just trying my hardest not to beat myself up about it and not to give in to my major sugar craving which reared it’s ugly head as soon my takeaway was finished. Luckily there isn’t anything in the house that’s really sugary so I can’t do a lot about it thankfully. Some diet coke might do the job!

So I won’t say I’ll get back on plan tomorrow. I’ll say I’m still on plan and the plan will continue tomorrow as it did every other day this week. One dodgy meal choice doesn’t make a habit.

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