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Battle implies some resistance on my part however, of which there was none. Major, major lesson learned this week (not one that really needed to be learned of course as I know it too bloody well). If it’s in the house I will eat it, ergo do not have it in the house. It meaning any item of food that I cannot resist or that is overly tempting in any way!!!

Aaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggh. I’m mad at myself for eating them. I also ate stupid G&B Orange dark choc too at work but that’s finished now and will not be bought again unless it’s for a really special occasion or something equally deserving.

I did have a very good food day otherwise and got in some walking/jogging as well.

I’m thinking that I may need to investigate how many calories I should be eating every day to lose weight and sustain exercise. Perhaps foolishly, my current plan is to eat as healthy and naturally as possible but not to count points or calories. With some decent exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week I think this plan can work. Well I know it did last week!

I’m increasingly aware of the need to eat enough though, especially when exercising (the right stuff of course). I’m scared to count points or calories because as I’ve mentioned before I feel it makes me overly focus on food and the more I end up thinking about food the more I end up eating. Maybe a rough idea of calories would be good enough ?! I dunno. Maybe I should just try to stick to my current plan and not worry about it.

Another positive step I feel I made was to get a book on Self-Esteem which was mentioned on Hilary’s blog. I have only read a few pages and I’m already identifying with the low self-esteem issues mentioned so hopefully this book will help me too.


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Another weekend has passed thankfully and my normal weekly routine (i.e. the one I got into last week that worked!) has resumed. The weekend wasn’t too bad. I got in some fierce Nintendo Wii boxing (more like mad flailing around) on Friday night and my arms and shoulders are still a bit sore even today! Food wise I did OK too. I do tend to let go at the weekends cause my routine is out the window but all in all I didn’t go too crazy this time. Today was good too except for after dinner when the rice krispie buns that I made yesterday (my hubby loves em) called to me from the kitchen. I reckon I could be eating worse though and rather than sit here all night thinking about them and arguing internally about having them or not I thought sod it, lets just eat some and be done with it. I hope to get some interval training in tomorrow evening so that might burn some of the extra calories off and I got a decent walk in today too.

I’m thinking the rice krispie buns could be a good weekend treat to have around maybe? Lots of munching in them. Perhaps if I could use a better/sugar free/lower fat chocolate? (if there is such a thing). I have learned my lesson however that making them Sunday night is definitely not a good plan 🙂

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