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Weekly weigh-in

This is going to be quick as I’m just in from my exercise class and after this I’m taking the night off to veg in front of the tv. It has to be done once in a while. 🙂
I stepped on the scales this evening with a little trepidation. On my way home in the car from class I pondered if I should wait until tomorrow evening because I drink lots of water when exercising and surely that will affect things. I remember the sugary products I ate during the week and the drinks I had at the weekend. I then calmly reasoned with myself that no matter what number showed up this evening I was making progress. I remembered the home-made soup and lunches I made and the exercise I’d done. I quite often need to talk sense into myself!

Luckily I did because I’m down 2.6lbs this week. I guess I didn’t give in to my cravings quite as much as I thought plus the exercise will have helped too. So I’m happy but I’m even happier that I didn’t allow myself to avoid the scales for fear of the number. I know I’m getting places no matter what the number.

TV and couch here I come !

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Whats the fix?

I was thinking last night – shock horror. Anyway I was thinking seen as a huge part of my problem is eating in response to my emotions what do I replace it with ? I know I’m supposed to ‘deal’ with them but that’s easier said than done and therapy isn’t really an option – too damn expensive.

I’ve noticed that many times I’m just uncomfortable when I’m sitting down watching the TV and doing nothing. That’s my really bad time for wanting to eat. If I’m up and about doing housework or whatever food doesn’t seem to cross my mind – not much anyway. So what do I do? Clean non stop ? Maybe I could just get my emotions turned off…. it could be great but I would probably end up being very dull. Skinny but dull. Question is would it be worth it. I’ll have to ponder that one…..

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