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Another weekend has passed thankfully and my normal weekly routine (i.e. the one I got into last week that worked!) has resumed. The weekend wasn’t too bad. I got in some fierce Nintendo Wii boxing (more like mad flailing around) on Friday night and my arms and shoulders are still a bit sore even today! Food wise I did OK too. I do tend to let go at the weekends cause my routine is out the window but all in all I didn’t go too crazy this time. Today was good too except for after dinner when the rice krispie buns that I made yesterday (my hubby loves em) called to me from the kitchen. I reckon I could be eating worse though and rather than sit here all night thinking about them and arguing internally about having them or not I thought sod it, lets just eat some and be done with it. I hope to get some interval training in tomorrow evening so that might burn some of the extra calories off and I got a decent walk in today too.

I’m thinking the rice krispie buns could be a good weekend treat to have around maybe? Lots of munching in them. Perhaps if I could use a better/sugar free/lower fat chocolate? (if there is such a thing). I have learned my lesson however that making them Sunday night is definitely not a good plan 🙂


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